Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Samsung - We're Setting Up Note 7 Exchange Booths At High traffic Airports Around The World ...

Samsung is setting up Galaxy Note 7 exchange booths in airports around the world,hoping it will save it's customers from boarding a flight with the dangerous device. The booths was first introduced in South Korean airports.

Since , the Galaxy note 7 smartphone devices setting on fire, which caused property damage and injuries. Samsung is now caution now after losing $5.4 billion from galaxy note 7
Samsung claim galaxy Note 7 has also hurt the Samsung brand. Hopefully the worst galaxy smartphone.

The Us government has made it a federal crime, that Anyone caught with a Note 7 on a plane risks facing fines and up to 10 years' imprisonment.
The booths will be placed in "high-traffic terminals" before security screening, says Samsung. The company will allow Note 7 owners to exchange their phone for an unspecified device. According to a report from ABC7News in San Francisco "employees will help customers transfer their data onto a new phone".
Samsung- expect the Galaxy S8 to be launched in late February 2017. Let's hope galaxy S8 does blow up too.



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