Friday, 23 June 2017

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You can now share audio or any kind of files on whatsapp. See how it's done .

WhatsApp an instant free messaging app for smart phones has long been used as a medium to share photos, videos, Word docs, and even PDF files all for free.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp put a restriction on most files included sending of audio.
Now ban has been lifted with the new update of WhatsApp which gives you unrestricted access to sending of all files included Audio sharing, instant selfie shoot , third-party apps
and more.

Note the following below.

•iOS users would be able to transfer files of any format up to 128 MB.

•Android users would be bale to transfer files of any format up to 100 MB.

•Users on PC/web version would be able to transfer files up to 64 MB.

This features are available on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

To start enjoying this new features update your WhatsApp from playstore, android market or any..

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